Monday, February 26, 2007

The perils of dropping Powar

The Indian selectors have done a fair job at selecting the squad for the World Cup. Not that there were tough choices to bemade anyways. The only flaw in this squad is the nod for Pathan instead of off-spinner Ramesh Powar.

Powar has hardly done any wrong as a bowler when given a chance in the squad. The West Indies has quite a few relaid tracks and they might be conducive to the spinners. Two spinners in the team could be an option. Kumble has of late never looked comfortable in the shorter version of the game, and Harbhajan on a good day seems to return with average figures. Those who feel that India should only play one spinner with three seamers since we have part-time spinners should take a look at today’s match. Sehwag and Sachin conceded 63 runs off their 10 overs, a good 20 runs more than the runs given by the regular bowlers.

This is why Powar comes in as a good backup for Kumble and Harbhajan, in case of injury or more likely, poor form. Irfan Pathan hardly looks convincing with the ball. Also, Zaheer and Agarkar have booked their places, with Munaf being the third seamer. Sreesanth adds as the backup seamer. Also, India might be better off playing two spinners, which might mean only two seamers in the XI if the team opts for an extra batsman.

Given Pathan’s recent performances, I would anyways choose a spinner ahead of him to replace a seamer. Thus Powar should have been on the flight to the West Indies

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