Saturday, March 24, 2007

Showdown - Matchday Twelve

Supporters of the Indian team may be mourning the looming exit (since Bangladesh still need to beat Bermuda) of the Indian cricket team, but today a cracker of a match is on offer. The world's top two sides - South Africa and Australia (in order of rankings)- square-off at the Warner Park Stadium, St.Kitts and Nevis.

The other match of the day features England and Kenya. Kenya will be hoping to defeat England to qualify for the next round and rid criticism that its 2003 performance was largely due to the the unwillingness of the Kiwis to travel to Nairobi.

Our predictions for today.

South Africa v/s Australia
AKG and MJV: South Africa.
Match starts at 1900 IST on SET MAX and DD-1.

England v/s Kenya
AKG: England
MJV: Kenya
Match starts at 1900 IST on SAB TV.

Hopefully, if India exits the tournament, we should at least get to watch some more action in between the ads. I guess the only team that has done worse than the Indian cricket team is the production team for this World Cup. Hope to view something better, as this team in all probability can't be knocked out till the tournament ends.

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