Saturday, June 9, 2007

Alonso leading by 4? - II

Apropos the earlier post (I know the stats-shy may have stopped reading by now), I came across some new information on the same at The most shocking of all was that Eddie Irvine would have been the champion in 1999 had the new points system been in effect. Actually, it should not be that surprising, considering Mika Hakkinen had won it over Irvine by a mere 2 points. Under the news points system, Irvine would have won by a 6-point margin.

Michael Schumacher may have won in 1997 with the new points system, but he also would have lost the 1994 title to Damon Hill. Under the old points, Schumacher piped Hill by a solitary point; the new one would have seen Hill being World Champion by a good 8 points.

Other statistical highlights courtesy
1992- Michael Schumacher's first season was so impressive that, had the 2003-specification points system been used that year, he would have tied for second with Riccardo Patrese.
1995 - Had the 2003 points system been used in 1995, Johnny Herbert would have been third overall, instead of David Coulthard.
1996 - To highlight how the post-2003 points system rewards consistent finishing in the lower places more than occasional finishes in the higher places, compare Jean Alesi and Michael Schumacher. Alesi (no wins) trailled Schumacher (three wins) by 12 points in real life, but under post-2003 points he would have been just two points behind.


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